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COMEBACK: Nanolabs goes back in the run with The Incubation Network (TIN)

COMEBACK: Nanolabs goes back in the run with The Incubation Network (TIN)

By Carlo Jay C. Corpuz

09:30 PM September 24, 2020

PHILIPPINES - After a failed attempt to win in the finals of the Circular Innovation Jam (CIJ), Nanolabs has been notified to receive more mentorship support from The Incubation Network (TIN) Team. Nanolabs startup entry “Zinc - ion Battery” receiving a high rating from the “CIJ’s judging panel based on innovation and potential to impact.

Nanolabs became one of the regional finalists for the Circular Innovation Jam competition last September 14, 2020, that was been hosted by The Incubation Network (TIN). On a bad call, the team’s venture fell shortlisted after only 3 winners announced in the finals of the competition.

On September 22, 2020, at 11:07 AM, Nanolabs received a mail coming from the TIN Team announcing for more mentorship support from the team’s mentor network. The organization then informed Nanolabs that the startup entry “Zinc - ion Battery” received a high rating from the competition.

“Although we could not select more than 3 winners, your venture was shortlisted after receiving a high rating from our judging panel based on its innovation and potential for impact.” - TIN Team

The TIN Team then deliberated on supporting Nanolabs in their business venture after seeing the high potential to market investors. TIN Team offered Nanolabs further support with additional 8 sessions of mentorship from the TIN’s network of circularity, industry, and waste management experts.

Dr. Ryan D. Corpuz, CEO of Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd. is honored, knowing to get a chance to be part of The Incubation Network once again. He looks forward to having a fruitful collaboration with the TIN Team and was grateful for the opportunity.

“We see the potential of the TIN platform to help us realize our idea and grow as business here in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. With this, we really need your help especially in looking for the right strategic partners in the electronic industries that could make us sustainable as a business while we are solving environmental problems (e.g. plastic wastes, climate impact, CO2 emission, e-waste, etc).” - Dr. Ryan D. Corpuz

Nanolabs on being interested in the partnership will be anticipating more arrangements with the TIN Team. Also, the organization let the Nanolabs choose their mentor of choice to let them be comfortable in their partnership.

“We hope to continue the journey together and further support your venture in solving ocean plastic pollution in SEA!” Last words quoted by the TIN Team in hoping for a better start between the two.

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