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Nanolabs bagged the 2020 ClimateLaunchpad National Finals Competition in the Philippines

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd. bagged the 2020 ClimateLaunchpad National Finals Competition in the Philippines

By: Carlo Jay C. Corpuz

3:30 PM September 16, 2020

Photo credits by ClimateLaunchpad Philippines

PHILIPPINES - The start-up company Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd. topped the 2020 ClimateLaunchpad competition just this September 16, 2020. Regional finalists in the Philippines announced and will represent the country where they will be competing with startups from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam.

ClimateLaunchpad serves as the world’s largest green business ideas competition around the globe. The search for the innovative emerging cleantech startups for 2020 was done by filtrating three finalists in the national arena. The National Jury chooses their finalists basing on the perfect pitching of each startup ideas.

Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd., a startup company that aims to provide a nano solution in electrochemical energy storage and environmental challenges opts to share their neoteric way of futuristic ideas in the competition.

The team ensnared the first spot by showcasing their groundbreaking “Rechargeable Zinc-ion Battery” entry, sweeping-off other competitors in the regional casting. Winners for the year 2020 regional finalists were announced remotely and executed online due to the presence of pandemic, Covid-19.

“I am so happy and honored to represent the Philippines again and to showcase our pioneering work in rechargeable Zinc Ion Battery in the international arena…” as told by the team leader, founder, and CEO of the company Dr. Ryan D. Corpuz.

Global grand final prices await the winners of the competition for the last round. The grand winner receives € 10,000, the second-runner up gets € 5,000, and the third winner receives € 2,500.

“The top 16 teams selected by the jury to perform in the Final Round of the Global Grand Final, will automatically get direct access to the Climate-KIC ClimateLaunchpad Accelerator, the renowned business school where great ideas grow into great businesses.” - ClimateLaunchpad.

Together with the other two Philippine finalists, “Hope Printer” and “Fishtainable”, they are now bound to meeting finalists with unique startup ideas around the globe. Regional finals will happen on September 18, 2020, exactly 9:00 A.M. in Philippine-based time. The competition is now at a high stake for the much-coveted title.

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