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Dr. Lyn Marie D. Corpuz to represent Nanolabs in She Loves Tech 2020 PH

Dr. Lyn Marie D. Corpuz to represent Nanolabs in She Loves Tech 2020 PH

By Carlo Jay C. Corpuz

PHILIPPINES - Nanolabs team expresses their appreciation as She Loves Tech and the QBO Innovation hub have chosen the company’s startup to be part of She Loves Tech 2020 local round competition in PH. Nanolabs co-founder Dr. Lyn Marie D. Corpuz ready to represent the team in the upcoming competition.

She Loves Tech serves as the world’s largest startup competition for women and technology. The organization aims to bring both women and technology connected to create the best entrepreneurs and technology for transformative impact. The competition is currently running over 30 countries this year, PH as one of them.

The organizing team QBO Innovation Hub in the Philippines for She Loves Tech 2020 affirmed on September 14, 2020, about the inclusion of Nanolabs for the teams expected to participate in the competition. Nanolabs then gladly welcomes the opportunity of opening their startup to the competition, as well as for market investors.

“Do let me know if you have any questions, and once again congratulations on being selected. Good luck, and looking forward to hearing your pitch.” Invitation sent by Carlo Yaptinchay in looking forward to hearing the team joining this year’s competition.

“Only 1 founder can pitch during the competition. Ideally, a woman founder should be the one pitching” as quoted in the invitation. They’ve set the competition solely for women only to follow the organization’s objective.

As per instruction, Dr. Lyn Marie D. Corpuz, the co-founder of Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd. company is much willing to volunteer herself on behalf of the team. Nanolabs have made their representative to the competition by Dr. Lyn’s presence.

“I’m proud and at the same time nervous” as told by Dr. Lyn Marie D. Corpuz, anticipating the competition.

Participants of She Loves Tech 2020 will be scored according to the reflected judge’s criterium. The panelist will be basing the winners of the local round pitching basing on the team, business model, scalability, market opportunity, market competition, innovation, and traction.

PH startups filtration will happen this coming October 08, 2020, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM via the Zoom platform. The global round starts once the local round is scheduled to have its list of finalists. Above all, the competition will put women ruling the world.

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