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Living a career with chock – full science researches is the best!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Living a career with chock – full science researches is the best!

Featuring Dr. Chosel P. Lawagon

Education is a platform where persons do not limit their way of learning things. As we gradually invoke ourselves with this amazing privilege, step by step we are bound to making discoveries in life. One of those discoveries is by the means of sciences. With this science features we shall be proving things with factual standards, doing outside of the box stuff, and what’s even more exciting is that we experiment things to let our brain functions decisively. This explains the reason why often individuals like to deal with things involving science and why they are allured with it.

Now, certain people raised sirens in their love for science and this also happens exactly with how things are going on with Dr. Chosel P. Lawagon’s career in life, as a child, as a woman, and as a scientist. Attention! Ready your senses for we will be touring the topsides of Dr. Chosel’s science career!

Being raised to the notably “Golden Capital of the Philippines” Davao de Oro, Mindanao, Dr. Chosel P. Lawagon is undeniably a catalyst for the progression of the scientific community’s future. Born on October 8, 1988, she became the eldest youth of Mr. Luis and Chona Lawagon. Her childhood times were filled with great felicity until she bumped with the science course and everything is much more exciting than she could ever imagine.

Having acquainted as an alumna of the University of Mindanao, serving as the largest, non-sectarian university situated at the Southern Philippine Island of Davao City, she had gained her longed dream as she starts building her career within the halls of her alma mater. The institution is where she reaped her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Her college years were been guaranteed one of those wonderful things ever happened to her life because Dr. Chosel is a Dean’s lister and a Department of Science and Technology (DOST) scholar at the same time. Her happiness is as high as Mount Everest upon showing to the world how she polished her college years with distinct achievements. After finishing her tertiary days, she came as a lecturer under the College of Engineering department for two years before finally departing herself to another journey that awaits her – pursuing her Ph.D. in the Republic of Korea.

Back in August 2018, Dr. Chosel’s glowing limelight constantly surfaced as she certainly obtained her Ph.D. in Energy Science and Technology at Myongji University (MJU), South Korea under the supervision of his mentor Prof. Wook – jin Chung. The same as to her college days, Dr. Chosel once proved herself again by having granted a full scholarship in the whole duration of her Ph.D. times by the support of MJU also. She was also under the “Brain Korea (BK21) PLUS” program that was indeed initiated by the honorable Korean government to purposely aims in producing the next generation of world-class leaders that aids to upgrade research infrastructure. By having her kind of rapport with Prof. Wook – jin Chung’s guidance, it had leveled her up and enable herself to become an expert in a masterpiece of metal recovery from aqueous systems utilizing nanomaterials. At her times of climax with her Ph.D. years, she published several research papers by her dissertation headlined as “Study on lithium recovery from saltwater via ion exchange and electrochemical systems with nanocomposites”. A rollercoaster had been concluded that pierced as a wonderful experience of her life.

The time for her postdoctoral fellowship under the Ratchadapisek Sompot Scholarship at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand opened her to the world of nanotechnology, and was been fascinated by it. This was the reason why she willingly percept to thrived more and pursued further research on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes and graphene from petrochemical waste. This has become her drive to farther delve into this field especially on the valorization of wastes to produced carbon nanomaterials and its related applications.

Along her peregrination, she surprisingly met her colleagues of a synergetic group of scientists that has equal admiration for the field she had learned to love. They became a family of science and just then established a company where she became a co-founder that strengthens their bond even more. Dr. Chosel is behind the brains of Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd., a pioneering company for the development of rechargeable Zinc - ion battery as an eco - friendly, sustainable, and safe electrochemical energy storage material here in the Philippines. The research and start-up company aims to provide a nano solution in electrochemical energy storage, biochemical, and environmental challenges.

After finishing her postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Chosel then decided to came back to the Philippines as a Balik Bayan Scientist to render her service as to her expertise to her beloved University of Mindanao under the DOST – Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD). As of the moment, she is honored to have three approved patents and three applied patents about nanocomposites for lithium recovery and synthesis of carbon nanomaterials in high impact journals such as Chemical Engineering Journal, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Journal of Membrane Science, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, Hydrometallurgy, Separation, and Purification Technology, and Catalysis Today.

A world full of people that is enthusiastic about science learning is a nice pavement that excites us to step ourselves up towards extra-ordinary success. Dr. Chosel as a scientist always deemed that “One should never stop learning, never stop discovering, and be continuously fascinated by the intelligent design. For such researches is a gateway for incredible discoveries and great innovations, and it's always a delightful privilege to be part of this world.” Now, what more can we say? Let’s try to recalibrate ourselves into science! Who knows that we will be having such a fruitful career with researches right? Now hop along and let’s get this chock – full of science researches ready to go.

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